Buckle Runner in Oldsmar, Florida - Been 6 weeks and have not received my order


I ordered from the Buckle Runner 6 weeks ago and I have not received my order. I received an e mail stating that it was sent out 2 weeks ago but I have not received it.

When I try calling them their mail box is full. When I try e mailing them I get no response. This is a terrible company and I am now going to the Attorney General of Wisconsin after Christmas break to try to resolve this problem.

This is not the first time this has happened to me with this company. They need to be put out of business!

Buckle Runner Takes Your Money For Out of Stock Items

Not resolved

Buckle Runner is real quick to take your money, even for items they know must be back ordered. What is worse is, they tell you it has shipped right after taking your money.

It is only many days later, when you start calling them (if you can get them to answer the phone) that you find out the item you wanted is on back order. All that time, they have enjoyed the use of your money. Then when you do call, you get to talk to one of most smart-mouthed *** you will ever talk to. Customer oriented SHE IS NOT.

My advice...

don't ever consider doing business with Buckle Runner. If you do, you will be very sorry.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Buckle Runner in Indianapolis, Indiana - *** Poor Customer Service

Not resolved

I placed and order with Buckle runner six weeks ago, I received a partial shipment of about 1/2 the product after 30 days, repeated calls to the Buckle Runner went without a response, I received another partial shipment a few days ago and still have product on backorder. The backordered items are common plastic clips, and a common color of paracord.

Repeated calls to the business are not returned. This has been the worst online purchase experience I have ever had. I am making it my priority to get the word out on this SCAM of a business.

If you want to be ripped off or just looking for a frustrating experience then the Buckle Runner is for you. If not stay clear.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Do not order anything from buckle runner!

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Unless you are really bored do not,I REPEAT, do not order from this company! Bull *** is free anywhere but the buckle runner!!

They will entertain you, tell you about go daddy crashing I can't wait to hear why they got to tell me this time! Ya, I'm a repeat offender??? So much for the $75.00 coupon,I'll never see my hole order little anything free! Being a disabled vet.

my self like your fathers sng all edged husbands, you should of giving me a little more respect! You and your company suck, oboma lovers



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Buckle Runner in Rocky Mount, North Carolina - !VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER!

Not resolved

I ordered my supplies on 09/28/2012 and still have not received all items. I had left a message on 10/22/2012 to contact me regarding the order with a return call late that evening saying my order had been shipped and that I should receive by Thursday 10/25/2012 well today is Monday 10/29/2012 and I still have not received my supplies.

I tried to contact Buckle Runner today by phone and there message service is full so no message could be left. I contacted them through there web site demanding a refund. I'm contacting the BBS.

I'm also contacting PayPal for a refund.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Buckle Runner does not ship when they say

Not resolved

We have ordered twice now from Buckle Runner (sent out by Toy Hauler) Wish we would have never given them a second chance!! The first order was placed and paid via Pay Pal.

They sent email saying it was shipped. It in fact was not shipped just a shipping label created. It took over 14 days to get to us. thought maybe just slow mail time with the usps.

But that was not the case! The second very large order was placed on nApril 28th, again an email was sent on May 1st saying it was shipped via FedEx and gave me a tracking #. Today is May the 11th and it just now shows on FEDEX tracking that the package was sent out from Buckle Runner on the eve of May 10th. FedEx shows my package to be delivered on May the 16th.

My problem with all this is they say 7-10 days or less for delv. so we expected it to be delivered in 10 days..Heck they didnt even send it out within the 10 days from my order. Waiting over 18 days for a package to be delivered is just not acceptable... WE WILL NOT GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE TO LIE ABOUT THEIR DELIVERY AGAIN!!

WE WILL FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO ORDER FROM. MY son makes alot of those paracord bracelets and he has had to keep his customers waiting because of BUCKLE RUNNERS LIES....NOT A GOOD COMPANY FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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